Company Culture

Company Culture

Core Value of ZYE

Core Value of ZYE

Growing together
Attentiveness is the enduring gene of ZYE

Always Attentiveness--Attentiveness, a constant gene of ZYE culture ,works as not only a guide to the self-development of our people, but also a rule to the value of our people. We require our staff be attentive to everything in their job, put “responsibility” into their motto.

Attentiveness in production--By seriously checking every single step during the production. We always believe that detail is often conclusive. A product will never be excellent without attentiveness.

Attentiveness in service--When considering to our customers, we learnt how to take their perspective. This helps us to provide precise, accurate and complete services. We do whatever we can to fulfill our customer’s requirement, therefore, earning trust, understand and satisfaction. 

Everlasting Communication

No matter at what stage, an enterprise will incur problem. Communication is always the best way to find and resolve problems. ZYE generate an idea of communication in each staff’s mind, and also maintaining a clear atmosphere for everybody to communicate. That why the efficiency of communication is one of our culture’s major. Our managers built a network which allows everyone to communicate no matter for what issue, at what time. This element of our culture encourages the ZYE staff to communicate and corporate with each other, breaks the walls between the layers, eliminating misunderstandings, and will finally make our growth  be long lasting.

growing together is the assurance of ZYE

ZYE is a company that helps all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers. The friendly cooperation between ZYE and the partners forms a community of Shared interests.Since its inception, ZYE has always been to ‘mutual growth and mutual benefit’ as a starting point for the company's various businesses. We are committed to attracting the best talent, providing products and services that meet customer expectation , establishing a broad and solid sales network, and keeping the company in good shape.

For employees ,we strive to keep the company increasing and profitable, carefully maintain the credibility of the company, to create a better space for staff development .

For customers , we promise to adhere to all business ethics ,and that we are committed to providing the highest quality products and outstanding customer service in the industry .

For supplier , we strive to expand market share, delivering the market trends and product performance.

information, and looking for new applications about product. In short , the important idea of ZYE’s  operation is growing together and creating value for all parties.

Business Philosophy of ZYE

Business Philosophy of ZYE

Pursuing Practical Principles and Pursuing Excellence

Since 2001, based on our business philosophy "be practical, be excellence", and the core value of “Attentiveness, Communication and growing together”, ZYE devote themselves into creating a Chinese High Quality Brand in the Niche Market all over the world.

Our aspiration is to be the first choice of all materials mixing solution provider and the leader of mixing industry. By building a business model which integrates R&D, marketing and customer service, ZYE performs an internal high efficiency management and external first-class service. ZYE has become the leader of mastering kernel technology.

Carrying the spirit of the craftsman and penetrating into every aspect